Latest Banking Awareness MCQ 2015 – 3

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18 Jul, 2015

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1) Who is heading the committee to evaluate applications received for the proposed small finance banks that was constituted by the RBI during 2015?

a) Usha Thorat

b) Shyamala Gopinath

c) Deepak Parekh

d) Bimal Jalan

2) “Halwa Rasm” is associated with which of the following events?

a) Preparation of state-specific plans by the NITI Aayog

b) The meeting of the Finance Commission to approve share of states in Tax Collection

c) Preparation of the Rail Budget

d) Preparation of Union Budget

3) Which state-owned bank launched Tech Learning Centres (TLCs) in a huge initiative to empower its customers through technology and awareness?

a) Bank of Baroda

b) Canara Bank

c) State Bank of India

d) Punjab National Bank

4) How much raise in share of states in central taxes has been suggested in the report of the 14th Finance Commission that was released during February 2015?

a) 15%

b) 10%

c) 5%

d) 12%

5) What is the present minimum wage for workers in the country after the Union Govt. raised it by Rs. 23 during July 2015?

a) 160

b) 155

c) 150

d) 148



Ans : 1) a      2) d       3) c        4) b         5) a

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